Anderson Silva has been doing a whole lot of not agreeing to fight Chael Sonnen lately. Until a few days ago when he finally said them magic fightin’ words:

“I don’t like this guy,” Silva said. “This guy (wants to) fight me? Go to Brazil. No problem. Chael talks too much. I’m ready to fight Chael. But you have the chance – go to Brazil to fight me.”

Chael wasted no time in responding:

“I accept Anderson. Brazil it is. Now then, about that meal,” wrote Sonnen through the social networking site.

Sonnen’s meal reference was to comments he made concerning Silva’s wife in a past interview where he mentioned going into the Silva house and having her cook him a steak. The comments upset Silva quite a bit, obviously Sonnen’s plan all along.

As you can see from the above picture taken at UFC 139, Sonnen isn’t exactly backing off from his controversial demands for a well cooked steak. Unfortunately, he may have to wait a while for that Brazil fight. Anderson Silva’s shoulder injury will apparently take until June to heal … right around the same time as a big card in Sao Paulo. What a nice coincidence! And because that’s so far away, there’s a very good chance Chael is gonna have to fight again before he locks up his revenge match with Silva. Possibly on the next Fox card, possibly against Mark Munoz.