You might recall former The Ring titleist Ricardo Mayorga trying to venture into MMA four years ago when he tried signing with Shine Fights from right under the nose of Don King Productions and was eventually forced back into boxing.  He boxed for King for another year and was eventually retired by Miguel Cotto.

Now free from the clutches of comic book bad guy Don King, Mayorga is set to make his MMA debut tonight in Nicaragua.  According to SBNation, he and his opponent have tipped the scales at 175.9 and 153 pounds respectively for their Rumbleweight showdown and we are under way!

Ricardo Mayorga, the 39-year-old former welterweight and junior middleweight boxing titlist, will make his MMA debut tonight in Managua, Nicaragua, facing Canadian Wesley Tiffer.

I’ve seen two listed contract weights, one at 155 and also 160, but either way, he didn’t make that weight, coming in at 175.9 pounds. Tiffer weighed 153. The fight, because nobody really cares much anyway, will go on as scheduled.

When Mayorga tried breaking through to MMA, James Toney had not yet flopped against Randy Couture and the public was still slightly interested in the concept of ‘boxing vs. MMA.’  Mayorga faces an 0-1 Canadian named Wesley Tiffer who has not fought since 2009.  Will we see Mayorga emphasize his “wrestling background” Shine Fights once billed?  Will Tiffer have his back in 15 seconds?  Does Nicaragua have the internet yet?  Stay tuned to find out …