It’s been about 6 months since news broke that Stephan Bonnar was on ‘roids when Anderson Silva kicked his ass. The American Psycho has been stone silent ever since, but decided to finally share his side of the story on this week’s edition of the MMA Hour:

“ [A]fter being shelved for months and being advised to retire by UFC president Dana White, he had given up hope of closing out his career with a major fight.

In that time, he’d undergone a pair of stem cell procedures on his injured knee. Two months after the second stem cell procedure, he decided he wanted to return to the gym to get in shape and help some of his friends train. In doing so, he made the decision to obtain some chemical assistance.

“Believe it or not, there are some therapeutic uses to some of the banned substances,” he said. “Bottom line, I wanted to get my strength back. I was very weak. My body didn’t feel good, my joints didn’t feel good. That was my goal.”

He goes on to explain that when the call to face Silva came in, he felt couldn’t refuse an offer he’d been begging after for years. He figured the drug would be out his system by fight time and was assured by several ‘experts’ he’d be OK. Whoops!

Hmm… sound familiar? This is the second time Bonnar has coughed up the injury excuse to explain his steroid use. Y’know there’s an old saying in Tennessee. Fool me once, shame… shame on you. You fool me… you can’t get fooled again. While I’m oh so sure Stephan is telling the truth, it’s interesting to note he seems totally cool with PED use between fights, which certainly beefs up the argument that we need more random testing in MMA.

Bonnar has now been all but blacklisted by Dana White and the Fertittas and feels he no longer has a future with the UFC:

“That was really important to me, to be part of the UFC in ways other than fighting,” he said. “That’s been [the] hardest thing for me. I worked so hard over the years doing all those things to kind of give myself a home in the UFC outside of the actual fighting part of it, and I feel I ruined that.”

Despite his repeat cheating, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy considering he literally revolutionized the sport and of course gave us this:

Let’s hope he gives Dana White a call sooner rather than later and has an Overeem-quality conversation that brings him back into the fold.