There is no lazier Monday morning MMA post than the ‘Bob Sapp stinks it up again’ post. Trust me on this. When it is 8:30am and my hungover ass is looking for easy fodder to make my 9am deadline, I see that Bob fought in Ubeke-beke-stan and rub my hands together with glee. But it turns out that Sapp stinking it up in the cage is only part of the story. Bob took to Facebook to try and explain his side and put a less “Sapp is a POS” perspective on it.

While i was in Thailand training and getting ready for the Conan the barbarian remake Japan has a earthquake, I pulled my leg muscle when I decided to volunteer work 9-12 hours straight the day of my kickboxing fight April 28, 2011 to move the homeless into shelters. I still kept a hard fight schedule even though I knew I couldn’t walk, I continued to donate time and money to earth quake victims. I could have canceled the shows but this would have caused the entire events to be canceled, like the UFC 151. No need to spread bad news or dispare. As I kept up with the hard schedule the leg sometimes would get reinjured, as in SFL 1 March 11, 2012  in India,

Now the most amazing thing starts to happen as my popularity begins to rise big time. As usual i have very short amount of time for training, so I began doing things to give back to all fans all around the world.

I decide to do a contest and fly out the winners to my fights, so that would get the smaller MMA groups noticed, and give the fans a chance to be close to the action. First winner was a Slovenian girl who went to Australia. Second winner went to Korea and was from Scotland

Around this time USA starts to think I am losing fights on purpose to simply collect a pay check . So they ask how much money I MAKE instead of asking how much money do I take home, or give back to the fans. Despite the fact that all the events that I have most recently fought in, are number one viewed by the organization or sold out or even sponsored mainly cause of me.  So i decided that now is the time to give back to the FIGHTERS, the ones who has been forgot or are injured.

First up Gary Goodridge!!! I do a video to find a sponsor to advertise on my shorts and 500.00 usd will go to Gary. Now Gary gets this money and decided to say thank you publicly

With the success of the video sponsor, this time I did for China again when I prowrestle and do events pachinko events in Japan. This time I do three fighters and two prowrestlers. All forgot or injured fighters got 500.00 usd.

I figure killing with kindness keeps working so it ain’t broke why fix it.

And as you can see the Bob Sapp hate continues and the fake media are now reporting on sucking dick and actually saying they have no idea what to say. Is that really news, you never see this type of stuff on NBC or ABC or any professional Sports. MMA has a long way to go before they start to call themselves a sport. But stopping such stupid reporting on dick sucking and using Wikipedia or finding words to report may indeeed be a goood start.

Now here comes Serbia . Against some guy that we can only find negative press on,UFC 151 getting cancelled, Fans turning on each fighters for saving there body and actually showing they are in it to WIN it.  Fighters getting arrested Jason Mayhem Miller, Jake Reid, Me, well I actually have time to do some serious training as far as the GIVING BACK I saved the very best for last. Meet Maria, her husband commit suicide, finance or money manger ripped her off by stealing money from her 401k.  So yea she is and was in a really bad bad place.

Here is her email letter after she recieved the 10,000 usd direct from me. Why cause with all this hate and sadness, its best to spread happy and smiles.

Somehow the losses and injury ment so very little . As you now know I had no time to heal, it’s like nice people all over the world gave me back more then I ever gave!!!

It’s a decent counterpoint to all the negative criticism Bob Sapp has received over his recent participation in combat sports, but doesn’t excuse the core complaint fans have: that at best he is not taking the sport seriously at all and at worst is participating in what amounts to rigged fights. Sure, helping earthquake victims and donating money to forgotten athletes and providing for people in need prove that Bob Sapp is a caring and warm hearted man. But the fact remains that he is the dictionary definition of a jobber: a guy who is paid to come in and lose. I can applaud his kindness and generosity while criticizing his cheapening of the sport at the same time.

Bob says you’d never see this kind of bashing in other sports or in ABC or NBC sports broadcasting. I tend to disagree. If the Packers paid a quarterback to come in and play for them and that guy showed up without practicing and bombed the entire season, you better believe that would be the fucking story of the season. Playing not to win was a scandal as recently as the Summer Olympics when several badminton teams were expelled for trying to secure easier matches by throwing round robin matches. And anyone familiar with boxing could give you a long and detailed history of the jobber and how it dragged the sport down into the mud.

Jobbing isn’t something that just affects Bob Sapp. It drags the credibility of MMA through the mud as well. It is a corrupting force in combat sports, one that often creeps in at a lower level where managers try to pad their prospects’ records by setting them up with the easiest matches possible. Sapp represents jobbing at a whole other level – he is a main event jobber, and the fact that he continues to get booked at events around the world give us reason to be concerned that the sport of mixed martial arts isn’t always as real as it supposedly gets. That’s the kind of shit that tears a sport down and destroys it’s integrity, and no amount of charity – no matter how noble it may be – is worth that.