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Bob Sapp may be nothing more than a punchline to MMA writers, he’s still a high profile star in Japan. Recently I was watching a monthly compilation of Japanese commercials and Bob Sapp appeared in the really popular Softbank Dog Dad series, which is kinda like showing up with Old Spice Dude or The World’s Most Interesting Man.

The adverts are based around the White family, where the dog, Otousan, is the father. The rest of his family are humans, including his wife and his two grown up kids. Yes, the dog has a human wife, weird right? Otousan the dog’s name is Kaikun. The dog, who is a white shiba, seems be a lot of the time in a bit of a grumpy mood. but he seems to have a good eye for mobile communications, which is good since he is advertising for one the biggest mobile communication companies in Japan – Softbank.

You can watch the Magical Tommy Lee Jones Laser video after the jump to see what started the Softbank Dog craze. I’d say he’s like the Geiko gecko but he’s nowhere near as non-sensical or overplayed.

The point of all this (other than to share some funny Japanese commercials) is to note Sapp’s continued fame overseas. It will soldier on unabated regardless of the jobbing he does in MMA. On that point, a recent MiddleEasy rumor mill thingy claims Bob is visiting a sports psychologist to try and understand why he keeps on falling over from stiff breezes and turtling up at the slightest punch.

It also notes that he hasn’t actually, oh I dunno, trained at all for the past three years. But kudos to him for visiting a shrink on this one. Perhaps the guy will slap Sapp upside his big bald dome and say “Maybe you should get some sparring and wrestling in before stepping into the cage against professional MMA fighters.”

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