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A crazy thing happened over the weekend: Bob Sapp actually put a little effort into one of his fights. He didn’t win, but he did make it to the second round, something we haven’t seen in MMA since 2005. This is his second fight since Sapp appeared on the MMA Hour and got a bit upset when Ariel Helwani asked him WTF re: his recent tour of shame. He ended up producing a bizarre 30 minute variety show dissing Helwani and the notion that he was dragging MMA through the mud with his jobbing.

Perhaps he actually checked out the headlines after his next quick loss to Tolegen Akylbekov in Lithuania. Maybe he realized he was becoming a joke, and not the fun lovable kind of joke he was in Japan. Because in this fight he did not give up! The old Bob Sapp would have tapped several dozen times through this bout but this time he held on until the ref stopped things, even getting a few reversals and going for a leg lock in the process!

Bob Sapp prided himself on entertaining his fans, but where was the entertainment in seeing a guy give up and go down, often before the two minute mark? At least this time he put up a fight and gave the people watching their money’s worth. You don’t have to win to get a little respect out of the MMA community … you just have to look like you’re trying.