Xyience is suing blogger Richard Bergeron of Unlimited Fight News. A while back Bergeron was spreading some pretty crackpot stories about Xyience being a front for swindling investors. Which is funny because I could have sworn Xyience was a front for selling bullshit nutritional supplements and making terrible commercials.

Here’s the things Bergeron accused Xyience of:

  • being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • that there is a class action lawsuit against Xyience by it’s investors
  • that Xyience has ‘shell corporations’ which were basically slush funds for Xyience directors and board members.
  • that Xyience pays the UFC bogus sponsorship money and the UFC gives a portion of the money back to Xyience directors and board members.
  • that Xyience was created for the primary purpose of defrauding investors

These accusations were so outlandish and retarded that I didn’t even bother to repeat them … and I repeated that shit about Pat Miletich being an evil swinger! But wait – it gets better. Apparently, Xyience had problems with an investor who was going to invest fifteen million bucks in the company. The investor’s issue? Bergeron’s claims! Now that’s enough to get even the most laid back company ready to go to war.

Bergeron’s hilarious counter-movement to the lawsuit was to say “I live in Cape Cod, you filed in Nevada. No dice!” Hmm. Now I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that argument doesn’t fly. But giving Bergeron the benefit of doubt, I’m sure the Xyience guys will find it really annoying to fly down to Cape Cod and file in the appropriate state. God knows they embezzle enough, I’m sure they can afford it.