Two weeks ago, Bellator fighter and Fedor-beater Blagoi Ivanov got into a crazy altercation where he was stabbed in the heart. Well, altercation isn’t really the right word here – it sounds like several gangsters showed up at a bar looking for him and then attempted to murder him. Initial reports had Ivanov fighting for his life. So how’s he doing now? MMA Mania asks Bellator head Bjorn Rebney:

It’s something we’ve been tracking twice a day, every single day getting reports from the hospital. The status now is he has been upgraded, which is awesome, from critical to stable. He is still to this day, being kept in a medically induced coma in order to try to do everything humanly possible from a medical perspective to enhance the chances of his whole recovery but there was an upgrade in his status. It happened Thursday in Bulgaria time.

We were extremely pleased to hear about the upgrade. He’s still in a very guarded situation, still very dangerous, but nonetheless, there’s an upgrade and any time you hear that, you’ve got to give thanks and hope that continues. He’s strong as an ox, he’s a young guy, an athlete and he’s got the heart of a lion. We’re just hoping against hope that he can continue to get out of the woods.

And here’s an update from Bulgarian site Novinite:

Ivanov is now in a stable condition and is under a milder treatment regimen, doctors have told the BGNES news agency. The fighter’s main problem is with one of his lungs and not with his heart, according to the experts that treat him.

The site also has some info on the guy accused of stabbing him:

The main suspect in the stabbing of Bulgarian MMA fighter, Blagoi Ivanov AKA Bagata, – 23-year-old D.S. known as Dampela, is going to be kept under permanent detention. The Thursday rule of the Sofia Court of Appeals upheld the one of the lowest instance. Dampela is charged with attempted murder. He has a criminal record for extortion, drug possession and distribution, and fake car registration documents.

On Thursday, Dampela’s defense lawyer Radost Karaivanova commented before journalists that the investigation is collecting evidence only in support of the prosecution’s case and skips questioning certain witnesses on purpose.

According to Karaivanova, this has been a drunken fight initiated by Bagata, who had been pestering her client and slapped him on the face in the presence of a number of people. Friends and relatives of the champion, however, insist he had been injured while attempting to break a fight.

Karaivanova further rejected information that Dampela had bragged in public about stabbing the celebrity competitor as the prosecutor claims, and says he only learned about Bagata’s injuries from the internet. Upon realizing it, he went on his own to the police to explain what happened.

Strangely enough, it would actually be good news if it’s true Ivanov was just breaking up a fight. That means these guys didn’t roll into the joint specifically to try and kill him, gangster style.