Uh-oh. Relations between the UFC and Bellator are quickly deteriorating! In the past, Dana White has been pretty respectful of Bjorn Rebney and the way he’s run his promotion. But now that Viacom is trying to turn the promotion into UFC competition, you know the gloves are coming off. Things got a little testy back in September with the King Mo situation and more recently Dana has been using this Eddie Alvarez situation to try and scare fighters away from signing with Bellator. Now Bjorn is shit talking UFC 156, claiming it will get less than 200k buys. That would be an impressive failure indeed – even Zuffa’s one and only WEC event pulled 175,000 buys and that was without the oh so important UFC branding.

There are two possibilities as to why Bjorn said this: he likes being wrong and looking like a dope. Or he’s starting to realize that feuding with the UFC is a good way to generate hype and headlines. Unfortunately for him it’s also a good way to piss Dana White off. And as the tombstone in Dana White’s office can attest to, the history of MMA is paved with the corpses of people who pissed Dana White off. Whatever happens, it ends up being good for the fans. Heaven forbid we end up with another Anderson Silva fight on free TV the night Bellator throws its totally planned and real PPV event!