After UFC 156, Dana White said he’d ‘like to see BJ Penn retire and move on’, and he didn’t do it because he’s a big meany-pants. It turns out your brain isn’t the only soft jelly-like thing in your head that you need to worry about. Fighting can also fuck up your eyes, and is probably responsible for BJ having a cataract:

“I got a cataract in my left eye and I’m heading out to do see Dr. Crandall”, disclosed the former UFC Champion. “He is the guy that did Margarito’s eye and the UFC set this up for me.”

For the proud Hawaiian surgery is rarely an option but as Penn explained, this has been an ongoing issue for more than a year.

“January of last year is when I first noticed there was a problem”, said Penn. “I was looking at my iPhone and I really couldn’t tell what was going on. At first, I thought I tore my retina, so I went to my doctor and he said, ‘I can see right away what the problem is, you have a cataract’. The doctor told me it could be traumatic or it could be from this medicine I was taking called Prednisone, which is what I had been using over the previous few years for sinus infections.”

“I’m definitely hesitant to fight right now with the cataract in my eye”, he expressed. “People ask me all the time if I’m going to fight again and I almost just want to change the subject because right now, I definitely don’t want to fight with a cataract in my eye.”

Hmmm. Prednisone or the severe beatings he took over the past four years. Prednisone or the severe beatings? Hmmm. I bet you he ain’t taking Prednisone any more. But what about fighting? Here’s BJ on his Facebook page:

Cataract surgery wasn’t fun but it was painless,already the glare is gone and my depth perception is improving,can’t wait to get Hawaii nei (:

155?first I gotta spar and check my depth perception,LW’s will eat me up with their speed if I don’t judge the distance right,no weight class is easier