[youtube 0aD8XNP9eB4]

It’s easy to see where BJ Penn lost his way. It was round two of the second GSP fight, when he realized he was as helpless as a baby mouse under the domineering control of a rogue alley cat. That’s a devastating awakening for a savage like BJ. Before that BJ was all about intensity, licking blood, and issuing death challenges. Afterward, he became the kinder, gentler BJ we see now. GSP had stolen his soul.

In his first video blog since coming out of semi-retirement to take on the young lion Rory McDonald, BJ comes to us from a kitchen, and tells us he’s “just taking it easy” because the fight is still eight weeks away. Now, taking it easy is just the way BJ rolls, but McDonald issued a stern warning that he was going to put a serious hurting on BJ is he showed up out of shape. Let’s hope phase two of the training regiment includes less kitchen time and taking things a little harder.

Then BJ informs us that he’s looking to get some training time in at AKA, which former opponent Jon Fitch has taken some issue with. For the briefest of moments, BJ looks like he’s about to take it back with some Medieval shit, but he backs off with a smile and a subtle jab, “All Fitch has to do is look on the wall, whose picture is on the wall, holding the belt.”

Even at 75% BJ is still a handful for most guys. But Rory is different. He’s a monster. BJ needs to recapture some of that Polynesian soul he lost to Rory’s teammate, GSP, if he’s to prevail. To hell with AKA, BJ needs to get tribal for this one, do his training camp in a volcano, and perform some pagan rituals like sacrificing the virgin Connie Swail as an offering to the gods to spare what’s left of his soul. Because if this video is any indication, Rory was right, BJ isn’t into this.