The UFC has gotten sick and tired recently of beef happening naturally so they’ve gone to some interesting lengths to manufacture it. They tried to lure BJ Penn out of retirement by getting Josh Koscheck to call him out. That failed. The big pile of money they offered Penn after that must have worked, because the org then reached out to Rory MacDonald with a lil tip on who to challenge:

“UFC brought it up to me that he’s coming out of retirement that he wanted to fight me, so I was a little bit shocked and surprised but I was excited. I took it to the next step and made it a public challenge. I did it respectfully because I do respect B.J. and I’ve looked up to him as a fighter, but this is a business and I want to fight him before he is done. Like I said, he wanted to fight me in the first place. I think he said he wanted to get some kind of revenge on Tri-Star or something like that, I don’t know. I don’t care about his reasoning, but I’m glad he wanted to fight me.”

I wonder if this latest bit of drama is the UFC’s doing as well or your standard BJ Penn machinations:

I kinda dig that. World class testing that will catch cheaters but not kill fights. If this isn’t Dana White’s mysterious solution to drugs in MMA, maybe it should be.