[youtube hNLGVt8QsaI]

Shit got heated at the Bisping vs Belfort press conference today as Vitor got all touchy feely with his fist, something Michael did not appreciate. You can watch the whole thing go down in the video above, then check out Bisping’s rant after the fact:

We went to do the square up and normally I like to get near my opponent but he had his arm fully outreached and then started making contact with my chin. And then when I went to move it away – because y’know, don’t touch me – I went to move it away and then he got all fired up and he lost his cool. He said I’m a hooligan. I’ve turned up dressed as a professional sportsman. He turned up dressed like a hooligan and he acted like a hooligan. So all his talk about Jesus and the bible and honor and respect went out the window.

He’s pumped for the fight. I can’t wait. That was pefect. It was a great press conference. Well no, he bored the shit out of me the entire time. But at the end of it he actually showed a bit of personality for once. He dropped teh JHesus act and fucking got real for a second so that’s perfect. It’s gonna be a great fight. Fireworks guaranteed. Let alone the fight, the weigh ins are gonna be good. But do I have to bring my mouthpiece? Can he control himself? Is roid rage going to kick in? Is the trt an issue? Are his levels elevated? I think so. Have his testicles shrunk? I think so. Does he have a penis? He IS a penis. But just because he is a penis doesn’t mean he has a penis.