Thiago Silva seems to be your quintessential Brazilian bad boy – he pops positive for illegal substances on the reg, fueds with everyone he fights, and has the kind of scary neck / face tattoos usually reserved for gangland assassins. Considering the disrespect he threw Rafael Cavalcante’s way after defeating him, you’d think Feijao had said something about his mom or something. But nope, that’s just the kind of class Thiago brings with him every time he fights.

So imagine what things would be like if he ends up facing Antonio Silva, a former training partner who is now calling Thiago a ‘mentally ill backstabbing coward drug user’:

I had so much respect and consideration for him at one time. Besides being a good training partner, I had him as a friend. When he had a problem at ATT, I was the only one who was on his side until the end. I used to visit his house and he did mine, I was something of a brother to him and he simply stabbed me in the back and cheated me. He said I’m upset because he left ATT, but he knows its not because of that why I’m mad.

All I want to do is just fight him because words won’t make him change. He’s mentally sick, we’re completely different people. I am a family guy – I respect my father, mother, wife, I treat my friends well, without pulling their legs, and I don’t take drugs.

How much does Bigfoot dislike Thiago Silva? Enough that when Silva retorted ‘Come to 205 and we’ll fight’, Bigfoot said he’d look into it.

I thought he was a coward. Many fighters perform at different weight classes, for example Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. I personally will attend the doctors to see if I am able to lose weight without spoiling my health. If can do it, I will drop weight to make this fight for sure.

For a giant, Antonio Silva isn’t very big. But he still has to cut weight to shoehorn himself into the heavyweight division, so the idea of him somehow managing to get down to 205 without amputating a limb or two seems … slightly far fetched to say the least. But don’t underestimate the power of Brazilian beef. Fighters down there get hot under the collar when a former training partner casually mentions their opponent may beat them. Bigfoot dropped the proverbial atomic bomb of disses: He brought their mothers into this thing.