If Big Nog seemed looked like an old man hobbling around Rio during UFC 153 festivities, you’ll have to excuse him. He was secretly harboring a broken rib:

“Fractured my rib three weeks ago on my right side. I went to the doctor, I took a local anesthetic to be able to train and when he (Dave Herman) gave me a shot there, gave me a shortness of breath and took a swung from one side to the other to see what had happened, had broken. There was a big break, but got scared when the kick hit him.”

My God this Nogueira! He had enough injuries to deal with coming back from his kimura-krunked arm, double knee surgery, and let’s not forget whatever the hell they did to his hips. At this point he’s like a car that’s had everything under the hood replaced. So does that means he’s as good as new?