Invicta FC held its seventh installment on Saturday night, going head to head with the World Series of Fighting’s broadcast, and if eschewed tuning into the all-female fight promotion because the 15 pesos fee for the pay-per-view… ha! The joke’s on you, because once against Invicta honcho Shannon Knapp dropped the paywall and everyone got to watch it for free.

Anyway, all mysteries pertaining to Invicta’s invisible revenue streams and improbable survivability aside, the event had some kickass action. Here’s a glimpse at what you missed.

Vanessa Porto vs Zoila Frausto


Remember when Zoila Frausto Gurgel won Bellator’s female tournament, and everyone was like, “Zoila, Zoila, you go, girl!”

Vanesso Porto doesn’t remember that. She was too busy eating hammers and crapping out nails. And on Saturday night, she put a beating on Mrs. Frausto Gurgel.

Julia Budd vs Charmaine Tweet

Julie Budd dominated Charmaine Tweet on the ground to earn the decision. Since she’s a 145-pound fighter, that likely means that Cris Cyborg is going to get to destroy her some time in the future.

Tecia Torres vs Felice Herrig

Tecia Torres, how dare you clobber Felice Herrig like that!

Felice was supposed to be a shoo-in for the UFC’s new 115-pound weight class. Oh well.

Miriam Nakamoto vs Lauren Murphy

Miriam Nakamoto was doing a great job of beating the crap out of Lauren Murphy pretty much nonstop. But then…

Miriam Nakamoto vs Lauren Murphy

…Knee injury. Murphy won the bout – and the 135-pound belt – by default.

Barb Honchak vs Leslie Smith

This is Barb Honchak defending her flyweight belt. This is pretty much the story of the fight.

(Credit to Esther Lin and Integrated Sports Media for the photos.)