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We’ve already mentioned that all the contenders at 185 pounds are trying to talk their way into a title shot with Anderson Silva, Chael-style. Best AND worst at that is Michael Bisping, who recently groused about his fight with Brian Stann being relegated to co-main status at UFC 152:

“In my opinion, and I think in most people’s, this is the main event. This is the real main event. Two big hard hitting guys. No one cares about little flyweights, this is the real main event, this is the real big fight, tune in cause someone’s getting knocked out, ain’t going to be me though.”

Those flyweights are Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson, who will be fighting for the honor of becoming the first fighter in the UFC to hold a belt at 125 pounds. And really, I see Michael’s point. How is that a bigger deal than two fighters competing for a chance to maybe possibly move closer to fighting Anderson Silva some day? Of course, someone at the UFC 152 presser asked both Bisping and Benavidez about the quote, and Joseph got a few good shots in while keeping it chill:

“It was pretty silly of course when I heard it, but it’s Michael Bisping. Everyone pretty much expects something ridiculous to come out of his mouth, right? I mean, that’s pretty much what he does.”

Said Bisping: “Listen pal, when you were a glint in your dad’s eye, I was kicking ass in the UFC.”

“And probably saying ridiculous things, also,” Benavidez continued. “It’s not gonna change the fact that [Demetrious Johnson and I are] the top two guys in the world and that we’re going out to make history that night. So everyone that supports us, thanks and we love you. Everyone that doesn’t, including Bisping, I think you soon will and you’ll be excited for this. So yeah man, it’s gonna be great, and [*pats Bisping on the shoulder*] glad to have you on the card as co-main, buddy.”

The great thing about all this is how right Benavidez is – we do expect this kind of stuff from Michael Bisping. His natural ability to just open up his mouth and have some twattish nonsense fall out of his head is legendary, so why get all upset over it? Especially when you’re headlining an event he’s only co-maining.