You might imagine that a guy with a well-earned reputation as a human blanket wouldn’t want to do anything to instigate any further condemnation, but in the case of Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren, you’d be dead wrong.

Ben recently spoke to BloodyElbow and had a whole lot to say, in particular about his time training with BJ Penn, his fashion differences with Rory McDonald, why the Bellator tourney format sucks for the champions, and he even manages to drop a little turd on GSP’s head.

Some of the more notable quotes are his issues with McDonald’s wardrobe:

“Well, I don’t really wear much else other than sweat pants and a T shirt or jeans and a T shirt. It’s the whole thing with him. He puts so much effort in the look that he wants everyone to see. I just think that’s kind of goofy. I’m not too much into new fashion stuff, but I wouldn’t be caught dead … you couldn’t pay me enough to wear an outfit like he wears.”

I actually agree with Askren here. McDonald does dress like a dork. But I think taking such an issue with the way another man dresses makes one a much fatter, more bulbous dork.

On BJ and GSP:

“The first Penn/GSP fight was very controversial. A lot of people think B.J. won that fight. The second one was a little more decisive, but then you had Greasegate also going on there. I think Rory’s size is going to be his biggest advantage, because he’s definitely a lot bigger guy than B.J.”

Again, hard to argue with the man. Phil Nurse was caught on camera wiping the Vaseline from GSP’s face and tenderly massaging it into his manly torso. But after the utter destruction that GSP laid on BJ, and we’re talking complete domination here, to infer in any way, shape, or form that “Greasegate” had anything to do with the fact that BJ got absolutely manhandled in the second fight is the height of delusion.

On Bellator sucking :

“It’s been a lot of good, and a little bit of bad. I haven’t fought in eight months now, and it’s just getting kind of slow and frustrating. I’m still in the gym, but there’s no fight, so the lack of motivation to push myself is sometimes missing. The first part was good. They gave me a contract when nobody else would, and they gave me a bunch of fights in the beginning, so that was great, but I wish I was fighting a little bit more often now, and against a little bit more challenging opponents. Hopefully something comes through for January.”

Amen to that shit. Bellator has three legitimately top fighters: Michael Chandler, Pat Curran, and Ben Askren, none of whom have fought since the fall due to Bellator’s dumbass format.

Check out the entire interview if you wish, but I can assure you I covered all the engaging aspects.