Apparently, the UFC is not the only promotion out there that specializes in suing people, countersuing people, suing to collect legal fees that it lost in the course of lawsuits, and aiming at people before shooting lawyers out of cannons. Bellator is also following this fine example, which the UFC set by suing former partners, video game companies, bar owners, its own fighters, and cute doggies who get into no-nos, by taking some nice, cold, prickly legal action of its own. The two lawsuit-loving promotions previously sued each other, with the UFC alleging that Bellator stole its trade secrets and Bellator alleging that the UFC interfered with the clown-wigged Jonathan Brookins’ Bellator contract. Now Bellator is suing Desert Rage Full Contact Fighting and its promoter, Chance Farrar, for allegedly attempting to interfere with the Bellator show scheduled to happen in Arizona on October 22.

Evidently, Desert Rage is trying to counterpromote on the same night as Bellator and is telling people that the Bellator show was cancelled in order to steal local fighters. But the remedy Bellator proposes is more extreme than anything attempted by even the UFC: they are trying to get a restraining order preventing Desert Rage from even having a show. I suppose it’s nice to see that the UFC isn’t the only promotion that can try to wipe out shows one rung below them. After all, everybody likes a chance to be that 800lb gorilla that makes the other guy poop his pants. Bellator is probably trying to assuage its anxiety over the fact that the UFC will soon try to make them die by rectal impaling, but any way you stack it, we all know that two wrongs do in fact make a right and that fighting solves everything.

However, it would be nice to see some solidarity between these sub-Zuffa promoters, because fighters such as Ed West have cobbled together careers fighting for both promotions when they may not have been able to make a living off of just one of them. This may be a case of “we were (or are about to be) beaten up by our big brother, so now we’re going to beat up on you” syndrome on both sides, and so we can probably expect more of it in the future. For the upcoming lawsuit “Everyone vs. Everyone”, soon to be filed by every MMA promotion against every other MMA promotion, we cannot predict a winner, but no matter what the outcome, the public schools are sure to lose a whopping $30 million.