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It took Bellator two and a half weeks, but they’ve finally taken action and fired Season 6 middleweight tourney champion Maiquel Falcao from the promotion. Also released: Paul Daley, who has apparently been downplaying the serious legal ramifications of a bar brawl he got into late last year. Take it away, Bellator director of communications Anthony Mazzuca!

“We examine each situation on a case by case basis,” he said, “and, in these two instances, the violent nature of both situations has led to our decision to release both fighters from the organization. We recently received and reviewed the real documents in Daley’s situation, which made clear that he was not in fact cleared, but was actually convicted of both assault by beating and obstructing an officer.

“And, in Maiquel’s situation the video speaks for itself,” he continued. “After reviewing the footage and speaking to the parties involved, including Maiquel and his former manager and trainer Marcelo Brigadeiro, we felt this was the appropriate decision. Maiquel was nothing but a professional during his time with Bellator, but these recent developments have prevented us from keeping Maiquel with the organization.”

I dunno if that tone manages to capture the appropriate sentiment in Falcao’s situation. “Oh, he was a perfect gentleman in Bellator [ps NOT], but his latest assault on a woman that resulted in his friend getting vegetable’d means we unfortunately have to part ways.” Mazzuca could benefit from some access to those trade secrets Bellator allegedly stole from the UFC; namely how the UFC is so good at kicking scumbag fighters to the curb and washing their hands of them in a no-nonsense and definitive way. To wit:

“We don’t want anything to do with men who punch women,” White said. “When the UFC found out Maiquel had a charge against him that involved women, we immediately cut him from the roster. The UFC does not and will not ever tolerate situations like this. Sexual assault, hitting a woman or anything like that, you’re gone from the roster. It doesn’t matter if you’re a winner or a champion or anything like that. You’re gone. Keep your hands off women.”

This also would have been a perfectly acceptable explanation: