Anderson Silva wasn’t able to see them.

Lyoto Machida, he might have found a couple, but “The Dragon” was unable to exploit them.

Vitor Belfort, though, believes he has found – and can take advantage of – the holes in Chris Weidman’s game. He’ll get his shot this December at UFC 181 to do what Silva and Machida could not.

Belfort was recently given his conditional fight license, and he’ll meet Weidman if he can pass all the required tests given to him between now and fight night in Las Vegas by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

“(Weidman) has a lot of flaws in his game,” said Belfort, during an interview with Combate. “We’ll exploit them. I’ve been studying Weidman and I believe that you will see a nice fight. I’m ready for five rounds of jiu-jitsu, boxing, Muay thai, wrestling.

“This bout has been very anticipated. I think it’ll be a great show.”

Belfort (24-10) has won three straight since a 2012 submission loss to Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title. His only other defeat since 2006 was at the hands of Silva in 2011 for the middleweight crown. This, though, will mark his first fight outside of Brazil in over two years.

“I’m as hungry as when I won my first title at 19,” he said. “I’m 37 and I have the opportunity to be world champion for a third time in a third different division. I’ll do my best to win my third belt.”

Belfort won the UFC 12 heavyweight tournament in 1997 and the light heavyweight title in 2004. He lost the belt later that year to Randy Couture.