The UFC has released it’s official fighter Code of Conduct and it weighs in at five simple pages laying out what kind of behavior will earn you a bitchslap from the promotion:

conductA list of generally specific things and then ‘Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the reputation of the UFC.’ That last one seems pretty broad to me. Soooo basically anything that pisses Dana or the Fertittas off, really? That isn’t all that different from how things were handled by the UFC before this document was put together.

Other fun stuff in there: fighters can appeal their suspensions, with arbitration handled by JAMS, the Resolution Experts®. The UFC has the right to fine or fire or force their fighters to undergo ‘clinical evaluation’ and any kind of councelling /  rehab / community service they see fit. So expect to see a lot more guys going to rehab for pot (eye roll) and maybe Matt Mitrione volunteering at a LGBT crisis help line. Oh dear lord. Can you imagine?