Lucky for us, Dave Meltzer let slip via Wrestling Observer that he has hold of the female cast list for the next Ultimate Fighter.  Obviously, this list is legit, only coming from a “trusted source” and not an actual UFC employee, but since Ms. Roxanne Modaferri’s name is on it I’m going to take it as the god’s honest and run with it.  Your supposed WMMA houseguests for the next season are (yes, there are 17 names, and no, that doesn’t make sense):

Roxanne Modaferri (15-10), Ravelina Berto (3-1), Peggy Morgan (2-0), Colleen Schneider (4-4), Jessamyn Duke (2-1), Bethany Marshall (4-1), Valerie Letourneau (4-3), Ashlee Evans-Smith (1-0), Gina Mazany (3-0), Julianna Pena (4-2), Katie Merrill (1-1), Marcia Allen (3-1), Tara LaRosa (21-3), Tonya Evinger (11-6), Lia Mata’afa (0-0), Raquel Pennington (3-3), Shayna Baszler (15-8).

It’s almost a shame the entire TUF house won’t be dedicated to the female fighters and maybe opening up another weight division for the women in the UFC, but I get that a house full of chicks bitching about menstrual cramps and making weight probably doesn’t fit into the Fox Sports 1 demographic.  Still, thanks to the fresh lady meat, the show has the chance to harken back to the olden interesting days of the Ultimate Fighter, when the contestants were diamonds rough.  And I do mean rough.  If this list is reality-based, that probably means they didn’t have the numbers to make the women fight for a spot in the house.

You can probably throw those win-loss numbers out the window considering one contestant doesn’t even have a professional fight under her belt, but take into account the following: Peggy Morgan will be next season’s Corey Hill, whittling her 6’1 frame down to 135; Katie Merrill’s loss comes from boxing champ Holly Holm; Tara LaRosa is thirty-five­ years old; and Raquel Pennington was choked out last year by one Cat Zingano.  Awkward.  In short, these ladies are all over the place which leaves room for (hopefully good) unexpected things to happen.  And if watching a burgeoning women’s sport ain’t your jam, I’m sure Zuffa will keep the house stocked with plenty of Bud Light and Jaegermeister for the 16 male Colton Smiths making up the other half of the house.