Sent in by a reader who shall remain anonymous due to possible South County style retribution, here’s some pics of Rob Emerson and his ‘gang’, the Lords of South County. As you can see, the first picture is in their pouty emo delinquent youth days and the second looks like some kind of reunion shot. Missing from these pics is the group prison shot complete with orange jumpsuits and bleeding anuses. Although considering the posing in the reunion shot, perhaps they were more willing than you’d think!

If you didn’t know already, Emerson was part of a ‘gang’ called the Lords of South County. They’re basically a pack of rich white kids who went around beating the shit out of random people. Suffice to say, jailarity ensued for several of the members including Rob.

Join us again tommorow for more insider looks into Rob’s life when we present pictures of his retardedly hot girlfriend. Naked? Maybe. We’ll see. But they’re definitely proof that being hot doesn’t mean you’re smart or have any taste whatsoever.