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In addition to The Ultimate Fighter going live and getting a new night, it sounds like there’s going to be an entirely new feel to the show. If you thought the seasons were getting pretty cookie cutter in how each episode was laid out, it’s time to get excited. The UFC will be handing over the production reins to the guys at FX:

BEN GROSSMAN: We all thought that they were going to be with HBO a bunch of years ago but HBO refused to give up production, Dana will not bend on that and it’s pretty impressive. So, what happens is he’s got this deal with Fox where for the fights themselves, that one hour window on those four Saturday nights on Fox, Dana gets to produce it. The stuff around it and The Ultimate Fighter, that’s the stuff that Fox gets to produce so that’s going to be the new look for the TV stuff.”

KENNY RICE: “So that was the compromise then, sort of, in the middle?”

BEN GROSSMAN: “I mean, he’s saying, look, Fox knows what they’re doing, they’ve worked with them before, and now it’s a chance for Fox who’s got a lot of great production values to bring some of that, especially to The Ultimate Fighter. The guys who run FX are really, really good. There’s a guy [named] John Landgraf who’s the President of FX, the guy really gets television. So, I’m pretty excited to see what he’s going to do with The Ultimate Fighter.”

One scary bit from the quote above: “that one hour window on those four Saturday nights on Fox.” Is Grossman saying that the four FOX events a year are all going to be one hour shows? November 12th has been billed as a special ‘extra’ show, and I think everyone just assumed that meant the one hour timeslot was for the 12th only. Man, it would blow donkey cock if that’s how they all were.