For a long time, British Columbia has kinda sucked at regulating MMA. But if this news is any indication, it looks like they’re starting to get their shit together:

B.C.’s Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development announced Tuesday MMA judges who want to be certified with the soon-to-be-formed Provincial Athletic Commission will have to pass a rigorous training course.

The course is through the California-based Certification of Officials for Mixed Martial Arts National Development program.

According to its website, the COMMAND program is headquartered in Valencia, Calif., and offers three-day and two-day certification courses to MMA referees and judges.

Referee candidates, for example, must pass a techniques test, a written test, a practical application test and a situational test, the last of which requires the candidate to answer verbal questions. All require a score of at least 90 per cent. Candidates must also know dozens of takedowns, submissions, positions, sweeps, kicks and strikes.

Those wanting to be judges must undergo written and techniques tests and score a five-round fight, earning a mark of at least 90 per cent in each section to be certified.

Making officials go through training before they’re allowed to participate in MMA? What a crazy concept! It’s kinda sad that this is even news … in a perfect world, this would be the rule instead of the exception. Instead, we’re stuck celebrating it happening in a province that rarely holds MMA events. Still, any progress is good, right?