You ever have one of those ex-girlfriends who was just completely bat-shit crazy, somehow, someway she found new ways to top herself in the psychosis department? Like, maybe she was a former pornstar, and you had a couple kids with her, and she had you arrested on domestic violence charges that were later dropped, and she tweeted pics of syringes and accused you of being on drugs, meanwhile she appears on all the morning talk shows high as a kite, then announces that she’s getting back into porn “for the sake of her kids”? No? You don’t? Well, Tito Ortiz does.

Boy, does he ever.

With an up-and-down relationship that most said could never work (and sadly, they were right), Ortiz and Jameson have always been that train wreck you just knew was going to happen but couldn’t have guessed how often those trains would be going off the rails and crashing and burning, killing all passengers over and over again. It’s entertaining, sure, but somewhat sad because, hey, Tito is an ex-UFC champ and he’s our guy and ultimately pretty nice. But Jenna…

Here she is talking to TMZ about her latest career move:

And here’s Tito, responding on Twitter and making an interesting point.


Is there a moral to this sad tale? I don’t know. But if there is, it HAS TO have something to do with having kids with a pornstar. That’s just a hunch, though.