Lots of people claim to not care what other folks think, but few actually do.  I mean don’t.  Whatever.  Anyway, Bellator’s wrestleweight welterweight champ Ben Askren might be one of those few.  He makes zero apologies for his wrestling-only approach to MMA, and demonstrated as much against Douglas Lima two weeks ago, when he dump-n-humped his way to his second title defense and sixth consecutive decision win.  Not-so-fun fact: I counted a total of one half-hearted attempt by Askren to submit or otherwise finish his opponent.  The crowd voiced their displeasure throughout, so in his post-fight interview, Askren told them to go watch boxing if they don’t appreciate the ground game.  Which I found very ironic, considering Askren’s game is about as devoid of striking as boxing is devoid of grappling.  Mix your goddamn martial arts, son!

Fast forward to Monday, when Askren went on Twitter and called BS on Dana White’s claim that random testing the entire UFC roster would be impossible.  Askren may whoop Dana’s ass in the hair department, but Dana’s got serious skillz when it comes to crudely telling people off (and thereby avoiding their point) via Twitter, and so The Baldfather dropped the BOOMS you see above.  Seriously, this guy spouts STFU’s with the kind of frequency and fervor that not even a drunken fratboy can approach.

Many observers are calling this a bad career move on Askren’s part, but Dana’s already pooh-poohed that, and let’s be real here, Askren’s fighting style is infinitely more damaging to a potential UFC contract than a single disagreeing tweet.  Besides, the UFC’s welterweight division already has a Jon Fitch, so I have to presume they would reply to Askren’s application with a polite PFO letter.