Cesar Gracie is a strange dude. All I know about him is that he got knocked out by Frank Shamrock in like 20 seconds and that he trains / manages the Diaz brothers and Jake Shields. Oh, and he regularly posts all sorts of salacious gossip on his site. The latest tidbit is about our favorite Athletic Commission head in the whole wide world: Armando Garcia, formerly of the CSAC.

When California first legalized MMA, Armando Garcia, was the Commissioner that would preside in the early years of the growing sport. He was a controversial figure, often criticized for his debatable rulings and treatment of fledgling shows. In fact there were multi-million dollar lawsuits filed against him that blamed him for destroying their productions. EliteXC and many other shows were publicly critical of his constant meddling.

Then as quickly as he appeared he was gone. According to inside sources, Armando had developed a relationship with an assistant at the commission and when the relationship soured there was talk of a sexual hassasment lawsuit. It is still unclear if the CSAC has quietly settled the suit. What is clear is that Armando resigned in a hurried manner and unceremoniously left for greener pastures.

According to one CSAC official, “we’re still cleaning up the mess Armando left us”.

So what became of our colorful Commissioner? Well after seeing him 2nd row at a recent WEC we became a bit curious until we found him. Armando Garcia is now head of security at the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas, officially working for the Fertittas in Nevada.

I don’t know for sure what that ‘means’ but I kinda have an idea what Cesar Gracie thinks it means.