The CSAC’s Armando Garcia was not well liked by people in MMA or boxing, so I figured it was only a matter of time before the boxing peeps would step up and start giving us more details about why Garcia quit the commission over the weekend. Here’s some of the shady bureaucratic shit he was up to (which you can add to our mega-list of MMA items and a growing list from boxing):

  • accepting illegal gifts and contributions from the organizations he was supposed to oversee
  • shady accounting practices in regards to expense reports
  • insecure handling of huge sums of money
  • hiring friends with no qualifications and then overpaying them for time they weren’t working
  • creating a hostile environment, insulting refs and judges based on their personal appearance
  • Revealing the score of fights to people outside the commission while the fight is still ongoing

But hey, why would these reasons or our huge list of reasons play into the reason for Armando being forced out? As usual with government officials, the real reason Garcia has stepped down is laughable:

Well, a female office technician, Lily Galvez, was observed “hand feeding” Armando and adjusting his attire at events, in the office, and in the field. She also accompanied him on trips. In itself this is third party harassment because others in the office could question perceived favoritism because they chose not to fulfill his every whim.

The problem is that when a couple is so obvious about their in-house affair, it’s not long before the whole crew knows it.

“Everyone said it was a secret and how did I find out?” My source asked. “I told them it was his own office staff that tells all. They’re the first ones to tell the gossip and news.

“Why be tight lipped now? Everyone knows now. It was a stupid thing to do on both parts.”

Apparently Lily cut off the relationship and Garcia continued to pursue it anyway. Taking in account the dozens of interviews and documentation for the articles, I almost feel as if I know Armando on a personal basis. I can only imagine his response for being dumped and rejected in his own office.

In any event, Lily Galvez filed suit charging sexual harassment.

Let’s be frank: I couldn’t give half a shit about what Armando’s doing with his dick and who he’s doing it to. While I’m glad Garcia is gone, it sickens me to know that after fucking over hundreds of fighters and dozens of promoters he’s being forced out of office because of an inappropriate office relationship. What the fuck is that about?

This is a dude who has shown time and time again complete contempt for rules, standards, and procedure. He has caused controversy after controversy and sullied the CSAC’s reputation to the point where many promoters and fighters refuse to work in California. And all of this is ignored. But then someone in the office slaps a sexual harassment suit on him and he’s gone in the blink of an eye. I’m happy to see him go regardless of the reason why, but it still amazes me that he get collared for this and not gross corruption and incompetence.