Arianny Celeste has been dabbling in the music industry forever, threatening to launch her own pop dance singing career every couple of years. Twas a day similar to this back in 2009 that I first heard Arianny’s musical output. Then in 2011 she briefly released Fight to Love Me, a pretty solid bit of dance floor fluff, only to disappear it off the web after people noticed its slight similarity to Little Boots’ hit song Remedy. Popstar launch abort! Abort!

Now she is back, providing the vocals to prog house producers Manufactured Superstars’ new track Top of the World. The track dropped today and is available exclusively through dance music mp3 store Beatport. How is it? Unfortunately the 1:30 sample of this 6 minute track only has the droning intro and a chunk of the build-up. What’s the big drop sound like? The big climax? Who knows because we don’t get that part of the song. You’d think someone would have checked in on the sample considering it’s the only free clip anyone on the internet has access to. And considering Beatport, the site it’s on, is owned by the two members of Manufactured Superstars.

Or maybe the clip cuts off on purpose, because I went ahead and bought the full song and let me tell you where it goes: absolutely nowhere. This shouldn’t be a surprise to fans of progressive house. I’m amazed the Manufactured Superstars went nowhere so fast. It takes most producers from that genre at least 9 minutes. But yeah, even for a style of music that’s famous for shitty let down climaxes, this one takes the cake.

On the plus side, Arianny and whatever computer they put her voice through sound fantastic. Like really top notch vocals right there, perfect for a big room dance hit. That hit just isn’t Top of the World. Maybe one of the Top of the World remixes won’t suck? Even if they do, there’s no reason why Arianny shouldn’t be able to parlay her Octagon Girl fame into on the reg appearances in dance music tracks.

Her own pop career and stardom? Considering the treatment we subject our pseudo-celebrity wannabe pop stars to, I don’t know why she’d want that but sure why not. I bet TMZ would love to lift her up and subsequently pile drive her through a scandal or several public shamings, Lindsay Lohan style.  You know, the standard gossip rag meatgrinder for lulz and traffic.