[youtube 0aQV4kQyPw0]

UFC ring girl and model-about-town Arianny Celeste has released a video in which she explains her opposition to the Federal Reserve’s ongoing policy of quantitative easing. Jokes—actually she pushes her breasts together near a Lamborghini.

The video, produced in support of her upcoming 2013 calendar, comes with the tagline “Arianny Celeste is bringing sexy back and even hotter than her 2012 calendar! Take a peak!” If the sight of her casually laughing as a hand towel falls away from her breasts isn’t enough to make you take a peak, you can buy the calendar from ariannyceleste.com.

Fight fans who enjoy the feeling of vaguely hypocritical disdain should also not miss Celeste’s Twitter feed, which is either a masterful display of self-marketing or about getting wasted, depending on what time it is. Consider this progression:

The difference between Arianny Celeste and you is that she gets up the next morning and does cardio.