Ronda Rousey has already stated that she has no intention of ditching MMA for Hollywood like a certain other two faced biatch (sorry, my abandonment issues trigger rage-fits). Her dedication to that stance is being tested early with rumors that she’s been offered a role in the next Hunger Games movie – a plum role for a nerd like Ronda. The only way they could sweeten the pot is to get her into a live action Pokemon film.

But El Baldo Presidente Dana White doesn’t like the idea. Here he is trying to use slanted reasoning to convince the world that Ronda is better served staying in MMA:

“I don’t want to take away any opportunities from Ronda, but at the same time, the thing that you have to keep in perspective is that her window of opportunity as a professional athlete is (limited),” White said on the latest episode of UFC Tonight on FUEL TV.

“She could make a zillion movies when (she retires). Where she’s really going to make the money is here fighting. I don’t care if she’s the lead role in Hunger Games 2, she would not make anywhere near — I mean, not even in the universe — the money she makes fighting.”

“A movie takes her out of the mix for eight months,” White explained. “First of all (the Hunger Games) is an international hit. When that thing launches in the U.S. she’d have to do all the press for that, she’d have to do all the press for the U.K. and every other country that that movie launches in and she can’t be gone for that long, she really can’t. It’s something that we talked about briefly but we haven’t really got into it yet.”

It’s nice that the UFC has gotten to the point where Dana White can honestly say the Octagon is a better place to make money than Hollywood. Between her official UFC pay and per fight sponsorship money, she’s probably already set to break 2 mil per fight. At three fights a year that’s 6+ million dollars. Maybe a role in the Hunger Games breaks her through and turns her into a Hollywood starlet that can make that much, but that’s a pretty huge maybe.

Meanwhile, she’s got that much in ink on paper from the UFC already. And her Hollywood value only goes up the more famous she gets fighting. So while I totally expect to lose Rousey down the line to Hollywood, I figure we’ve probably got at least another year or two before she bolts. Which is all we really need to make sure the women’s division in the UFC doesn’t disappear with her.