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There’s one big downside to stretching this whole Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen fight into three months worth of hype and TUF episodes: reporters have stared at this fight long enough to understand it is a farce on nearly every level. Chael Sonnen didn’t earn a shot at the light heavyweight title. He was given it on account of his entertaining schtick. Most of us UFC beltway bloggers have accepted this fact after some grumbling, but not Dan LeBatard. Halfway through his interview with Chael, he started asking some of the most impressively dickish ‘questions’ ever. A few examples:

  • “The fact that you’re going to fight Jones now, how is that going to be any different from the Silva fights?”
  • “Everyone would agree, they’re better than you are.”
  • “I think it’s all over after this fight. I think it ends.”

Chael responds by verbally outwitting LeBatard on every point and underscoring what a douche Dan was being under all that fake sportscaster joviality. But LeBatard isn’t the only member of the media raising the West Linn Gangster’s ire lately. Here’s a collection of tweets Chael sent out yesterday regarding a ‘mystery reporter’:

Way to blow another story, fake journalist. Don’t ever let truth get in the way of nipping at my heels, you rabid little dog. Don’t blame me for you being stupid and get all vindictive w/fake stories and slanted, biased garbage reporting. … You have no Journalism degree. You are a fraud, an opportunist, and a fool. And you’re not even a talented or imaginative FRAUD! At least guys like Gene Simmons PRETEND to play the bass once in awhile! You are a coward, you are a failure, and you are a creep. I won’t pay your rent at the flophouse by stating your name and getting you hits.

Have you noticed how the GENUINE MMA Journalists treat you like a black tuxedo treats a pair of brown thrift-shop shoes? You aren’t fooling the REAL MMA Press, and you’re not fooling the fans. You are a BUM. Stop texting me begging me to stop, like you beg me for quotes. The fans reject you to your own little online purgatory where you belong. You are denied credentials because you have no credibility. You create nothing, you understand nothing. You are nothing.

We’ve noticed in the past that Chael starts to get a little snippy when reporters stray from the strange reality he has created around himself. Well, he’s got another two months to go so he better be prepared for a lot more of this.