Shockingly enough, things seem to be falling into place for Dana White’s very theoretical 20th Anniversary SuperEvent at Madison Square Garden in November. Once held hostage by the whims of the New York Assembly, the event can now happen due to a surprise ruling that came out of the UFC’s hail mary lawsuit against the state last week:

In what was supposed to be a day of oral arguments pertaining to the State Attorney General’s most recent motion to dismiss, attorney John M. Schwartz – representing the Attorney General’s office – acknowledged unequivocally that the law prohibiting pro MMA did not apply to amateur versions of the sport, and that as per the statute, a pre-approved third-party sanctioning body could oversee MMA events in the state. The admission of the latter prompted the counsel representing Zuffa’s interests to say that if that were truly the case, then there’d be no further need to pursue the lawsuit – which in turn prompted the presiding Judge Kimba Wood of the U.S District Court of the Southern District of New York to push both sides to immediately settle.

Notwithstanding whether a settlement is reached, the door is now open for Zuffa – or any other MMA promotion – to circumvent the ban by utilizing one of the pre-approved sanctioning bodies enumerated in the statute. Those sanctioning bodies include the World Karate Association (since renamed the World Kickboxing Association, a.k.a. the “WKA”), the Professional Karate Association and the U.S. Judo Association, among others.

As for what big fight could be used to anchor the event:

“Anderson would go to [170 pounds], too,” White told media members following a conference in England last Wednesday (Feb. 13, 2013). “Yeah, he said he’d do it. He says he can make [170] easy. It’s insane.”

Oh shit. This follows up on rumors that Dana White wants ‘the biggest of the big’ for this event, which of course could only mean one thing: Anderson Silva versus either Georges St Pierre or Jon Jones. The GSP fight is already on its last legs, with everyone convinced that Andy is just too big for Georges. If the Jones match is made, that’s pretty much the end for GSP-Silva. So the big question now is if Georges REALLY wants it, because it’s literally Nov or never for the welterweight champion.