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Erik Paulson is a catch wrestling genius and one of the guys behind Josh Barnett’s continued success in MMA. He’s also slightly religious, which comes through in this Budovideos interview on who he will and won’t roll with:

I used to roll with people all the time and I’m very sensitive to energy and a lot of times I would go home and have nightmares and just like, uh, bad nightmares like monsters and stuff like that. I found out later that … I have a few people I talk to that did a scan on me through archangels and they’re like ‘Your job is bringing energy home – negative energy home with you. What do you do?’ and I go ‘Teach martial arts.’ ‘You touch a lot of people?’ ‘Yah every day’

So a lot of times you roll with people, you pull the energy off them because you’re dipping into their etheric layer which is their protective layer. And some people are negative. Some people don’t believe in God and never pray. They party. They do a ton of stuff that’s not right. You attract negative energy, it latches on you and sticks to you and a lot of times you’re gonna roll with guys and pull stuff off them.

I pray, I meditate every day. I try to stay balanced and focused on what’s right and what happens is a lot of times I’d roll with people who are negative I’d pull their negative energy off of them. And then I’d go home and unless you sage it off – obviously you gotta shower but that doesn’t always get it off you – salt baths. Take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt and oatmeal bath. Sage or holy water. But even then it can be hard to get it off. So you gotta have it massaged off or get someone to Clear it off.

And I didn’t know about Clearing my space. Like clearing my house and my room. Obviously prayer works great but negative energy can still stay and clutter or can stay in your house so I use sage. I sage my house probably every three days. I hit all the corners, I walk throughout the house, I play nice music, I open my windows. I say prayers as I sage my room, around my bed, my other room, my living room. I’ll sage my dog. They try to grab light wherever they can, which is why I’m selective. Before I used to roll with everyone and anybody. Plus the older you get I think you have to be a little more selective with who you roll with.

That right there is several sacks worth of crazy, but it makes a strange sort of sense since the line between genius and crazy is often pretty blurry. This guy is a genius on the mats, so why should it surprise us that he takes things to the extreme in his spiritual beliefs too? I’d just like to know what exactly those beliefs are. There’s definitely a Jesus vibe to it all as he’s apparently getting instruction from archangels. But energy and auras aren’t approved Christian theology and meditating is definitely the Devil’s way of thinking and an abomination from the East.

I’m also interested in knowing more about effective negative aura cleaning products. It’s nice to know a hot shower helps, and epsom salt baths sound pretty relaxing too. That ‘Clearing’ stuff sounds expensive, but I think I’m probably up to my eyeballs in negative aura right now so please excuse me while I go get a massage. Perhaps with some sage oil worked in, just to make sure I vent enough demon energy out with my happy ending.