Oh, April Fools Day. You can’t trust anything you hear, and while we’re officially past it there are still rumors swirling regarding the Alexander Gustafsson fight originating from April 1st. Let’s go through em, shall we? First, there was Tim Kennedy claiming he was gonna step up and face Mousasi:


Alas, it WAS yer standard April Fools prank:


And then there’s Wanderlei Silva saying he’s in for Gustafsson:

Tatame Brazil has confirmed that Wanderlei Silva will meet Gegard Mousasi on Saturday at UFC on Fuel 9.

Silva was contacted today by Joe Silva and accepted the match.  On five days notice, Silva looks to take possibly the biggest challenge of his career, albeit one he is very capable of winning.

Silva stated he will bring long time coach Rafael Cordeiro with him, and has reached out to Fabricio Werdum to also assist him.

On one hand, Wandy stepping in to fight Mousasi seems like a career decision so bad it must be an April Fools Day prank. But on the other, a typical prank would usually end with the Axe Murderer claiming he’s going to bring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck along for the fight.

And then there’s Dana White still claiming Gustafsson is still on for the event:

So consider yourself informed … of all the possible truths and lies surrounding this weekend’s Gustafsson / Mousasi fight. I’m sure by later today we’ll know what the hell is really going on.