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Some things are easy to miss. People are busy, we have our own lives to worry about, shit goes unnoticed. Hell, I’ve been going to the same deli every morning for 14 years and I couldn’t even offer an educated guess as to its name. I just never noticed that big-ass sign directly over my head any of the 5000 times I’ve been there. All I know is they have great coffee and make a mean sammich. The name, to me, is inconsequential.

For UFC welterweight Kyle Noke, that lack of observation skill has a broader scope. Evidently Noke is unaware of the goings on in the middle and welterweight divisions regarding titles.

Noke has an issue with the UFC giving Ronda Rousey the women’s UFC bantamweight belt, even though it never existed before, and even though the WEC 135 and 145 champions were brought over and immediately branded UFC champions because those divisions also never existed within the promotion.

Noke spoke to MMA Interviews (transcription via Fightline) and offered an extremely unobservant assessment:

“I think it’s great that women’s mixed martial arts are getting into the UFC, but I think Ronda Rousey should have definitely fought for the title first. Make her a No. 1 contender versus someone else. In every other division guys have had to fight for that belt. I think it makes the UFC look bad by giving her the belt.”

Really? In every other division, ah? Chael Sonnen is receiving a title shot against Jon Jones despite losing his last fight, at middleweight, and hasn’t fought at 205 since 2006. Nick Diaz, coming off a loss and a drug suspension, is being leap-frogged over a guy with three consecutive Top 10 victories to get the next shot at Georges St. Pierre. And in MMA, that’s just the way it is. Those fights are being put together because they’re overflowing with awesomeness and there’s ample demand for them.

It’s the same with Ronda, although she does lay a more legitimate stake to the belt, having been the Strikeforce champion and having that division folded into the UFC, just like with the WEC.

There may not be a huge sign above the Octagon that reads, “This Is a PPV Based, Entertainment Business,” but every fighter should be observant enough to recognize the obvious.