Did you know: suspensions from athletic commissions don’t just apply to the state which suspends you. If you’re suspended in Nevada, then Cali and Jersey won’t let you fight. In fact, the general idea is that if you ignore your suspension and fight overseas in non-commission territory like the UK or Japan, then the athletic commissions are supposed to come down on you like a ton of bricks. Because where’s the teeth in a steroid suspension if you can just fuck off overseas and continue making money?

The reason I say commissions are SUPPOSED to come down on you for this is because they’ve taken a somewhat inconsistent tack on the subject. Hermes Franca tried to fight in Japan and was told in no uncertain terms that it would result in him never getting licensed in the US again. On the other hand, Vitor Belfort fought in the UK while under suspension in Nevada and he was welcome to fight in California with open arms.

Seeing all this, I can’t blame Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva for deciding “Fuck this steroid suspension” and trying to get a fight with Sengoku in Japan. If he goes ahead and does that, not only will he be thumbing his gigantic nose at the athletic commissions, but at ProElite and his contract with them as well. While some are saying Silva is right in ignoring the CSAC’s verdict because he was pseudo-innocent of the charges against him, I’m thinking this is a very stupid thing to do. Silva leveraged the UFC’s interest in him to get ProElite to pay him stupid amounts of money per fight. Why he would risk getting banned from fighting in the US and by extension the UFC is beyond me. Ah well … I suppose there’s a decent amount of job security being a fighter giant in Japan.