So it’s official! Benson Henderson will face Strikeforce lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez in April on UFC on FOX 7. As expected, that leaves the high flying flip kicking Anthony Pettis out in the cold. But to his credit, he’s not being a Whiny Weidman or a Hissy Fit Hendricks about it. From an interview with MMA Weekly radio:

“Me and Duke (Roufus) just had this discussion last night. You hear all the stories and I have friends texting me that Eddie Alvarez is going to get a title shot, or (Gilbert Melendez) is going to get a title shot. I mean, I’m to the point where I’ve just got to prove it,” Pettis told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“Line them up and I’m going to knock them down until I get that title shot. That’s the ultimate goal, but right now it’s winning fights. I need to focus on this next opponent in front of me and win these fights until they can’t deny me the shot.”

“No more Mr. Nice Guy. I sat there and tried to play that role, ‘oh the title shot’s going to come I’m going to sit and wait for it.’ I’m taking it this time. I’m going for it. I’m going to take this title shot,” Pettis stated. “I’m going to get my title shot; I’m going to get the respect I deserve.”

First up is Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone on the January 26th FOX card, and then probably one more fight while he’s waiting for Henderson and Melendez to take care of business. Yeah, it kinda sucks for Pettis if Dana White doesn’t just promise him the shot and let him ride the bench until August when the Bendo / Gil fight is ready to go. But for fans who’d like to see him fight more rather than less, it’s hard to complain.

(gif via Angry Black Man. God I love watching his shin rattle around between Lauzon’s shoulder and skull.)