When Fightlinker wrote such headlines as “Dana White Says Jose Aldo’s Manager Makes Him Look Like a Pussy” and “UFC’s Accusations of Pussitude Succeed, Jose Aldo Willing to Fight Anthony Pettis at 155,” I was expecting the next headline to be “Jose Aldo–Anthony Pettis Title Unification Bout Booked.” But it turns out that in fact, Dana White just needed some recreational pussy calling on that particular day: instead of leveraging Aldo’s vaginitis into true superfight, the UFC has taken its usual approach, promising TJ Grant the next shot at the lightweight title and leaving a readymade superfight on the table.

The rationale for this was simply that TJ Grant “was next,” even though that logic never got Karo Parisyan his shot, which later drove Parisyan completely insane. But there are probably several other underlying reasons for the choice of Grant as well. Maybe, to rub things into Aldo manager Andre Perdeirneras’ face for being difficult, the UFC decided to give Aldo a smaller fight—one less likely to pay him any Pay-Per-View (PPV) points—as a superfight may be the only big seller of any fight card carried by him at this point. PPV points are usually only paid on buys over a certain number, like 300,000, so Aldo’s recent fight with Chan Sung Jung that failed to draw even 200,000 buys probably wouldn’t have guaranteed him any payouts beyond his base fight purse and win bonus.

Perhaps White and Company decided to let Aldo stew in the never never land of fishy odor and low PPV buyrates for another few months while they either build up Pettis as a dominant champion or replace him with Grant, whose extreme size would probably make a cut to 145 impossible and any discussion of such moot. And maybe this announcement is just a trial balloon, and the UFC really has no idea what it will do with Pettis because his knee may have gone bust. The original tweet by Kevin Iole confirming that Grant is being given the shot also confirmed that Pettis’ knee MRI results are still unclear. We’ll see what matchup is actually made when the timetable for Pettis’ knee is established, and until then, Fightlinker will wait with baited breath to see which two of the three fighters will fight; the other, by UFC musical chairs logic, will be unanimously declared a pussy anew.