We joke about a UFC motorcycle ban but it may not be too far off from happening. First Jose Aldo gets into an accident that ends up scrapping his superfight with Frankie Edgar (and crippling ANOTHER Brazilian card), then Kyle Kingsbury takes a tumble off his motorcycle as well. The fall won’t affect his fight with Nigerian prospect Jimi Manuwa on September 29th, but still … why tempt fate, especially after one of these accidents just cost the UFC how many millions of dollars?

In related news, Kingsboo is dating our favoritest octagon girl ever, Natasha Wicks. She’s no stranger to roadrash herself, having scraped a large chunk of her asscheek off on a stretch of pavement while longboarding. If you’re into that kind of thing, we have the gruesome pictures over at Fight Hotness. Wicks is our Octagon Girl of the month, meaning every Tuesday and Friday this September we’ve got a new gallery showing off the finest Octagon girl there ever was. Most of which involve more flesh of the still attached to the body variety.