He’s already one of the most accomplished fighters in the MMA world, and it looks like Randy is quickly becoming the most experienced fighter in the legal world as well. We already know about that nasty business where the Coutures had a restraining order placed on Affliction president / fuckup Todd Beard. Now Randy is on the receiving end of a lawsuit claiming he stiffed an event organizer to the tune of $125,000 bucks.

Ultimate Fighting champ Randy Couture is being sued on allegations that he failed to pay the bill for an event hosted by his organization, Xtreme Couture GI Foundation.

Toast of New York LLC was hired to put on the event held to raise money for military families.

Terry Coffing, the attorney representing Toast of New York, said Couture has only paid $50,000 of his $175,000 bill.

There should be a cosmic rule that fighters don’t have to deal with lawsuit shit the week before a big fight. Randy always tends to end up losing when his life is in turmoil … divorces and shit like that. Here’s hoping he can keep his mind focused because if he spends even half a millisecond thinking about court shit while in the cage with Lesnar he’s liable to end up getting his face rearranged.