When you start to realize how regularly this happens in boxing, it’s amazing that it doesn’t happen more in MMA:

DALLAS (AP) — Boxer Benjamin Flores died five days after he was hospitalized following a title bout with Al Seeger.

Bout supervisor Bob Lenhardt says the 25-year-old Flores died Tuesday at Parkland Hospital.

Referee Laurence Cole awarded the victory to Seeger in the eighth round of the North American Boxing Federation fight Thursday night at the Hilton Anatole hotel.

Lenhardt said the Houston fighter was helped to his stool before lying down. Lenhardt said doctors rushed to his side and Flores appeared unconscious when removed on a stretcher.

The fight was for the vacant NABF super bantamweight title. Flores was 19-3 and weighed 122 pounds. Seeger is from Savannah, Ga.

I’m not posting this up to badmouth boxing or anything. I just wanted to point out that this happens so much that current coverage is limited to what the Associated Press sent out about it. When you hear about countries like Germany with rich boxing history trying to stop MMA from taking place, it just makes you shake your head. How do we let boxing go on in it’s current format when it the current format is clearly killing healthy guys? At the same time people there trying to stop MMA, a sport responsible (amazingly enough) for only three deaths in over 15 years?

I don’t know why the bodies haven’t piled up higher … watching oldschool PRIDE tapes, it’s a miracle there weren’t funerals after every event. I guess it just turns out that human bodies are designed by the Lord (Praise be to Him) to take a beating from another human being and survive. Just not so much when you add giant gloves and make that beating last 12 rounds.

More details on the incident here at the Houston Press blog.