The perfect opportunity for superfights between the three top pound for pound fighters in the world has passed – destroyed in an instant by a scrappy contender and an overconfident dumbass. But that doesn’t mean a slightly-less-super fight or two may not happen. As a reporter noted during last week’s fan expo, the expiry date on Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva was way past optimal freshness and the UFC still made that fight. And here’s Anderson Silva’s manager saying of course there’s still interest in Anderson Silva vs other top fighters:

“I think that’s ridiculous,” Ed Soares told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show on Monday. “I think the superfights are still on the table. I think right now the superfights are in the future, but right now what should be on everyone’s mind should be the rematch with Chris Weidman.”

Silva will meet Weidman again Dec. 28 at UFC 168.

“If he comes back and beats Chris Weidman,” Soares said, “I don’t see the reason why the superfights can’t happen.”

But of course Ed Soares would say this – as someone who gets a few percentage points of whatever Anderson makes, he wants these fights to happen more than a crack whore wants her fix. Unfortunately, sucking someone’s dick isn’t likely to make these fights magically happen and it takes two to tango. I think we’ve all stopped pretending that Georges St Pierre has any interest in making that fight happen. And Jon Jones seems perfectly content taking on undercooked contenders and stuffing his bank account full of money.

Maybe the UFC will finally act with some frickin’ urgency after (if) Anderson Silva takes out Chris Weidman and this whole situation is labeled nothing more than a blip on the radar of the Spider’s unwavering greatness. But they weren’t able to get these fights together back when they were the no questions asked greatest fights that history had ever seen. Now that Anderson has lost, it just gives the guys holding things back more excuses not to step up.