[youtube USxQDDPwJ8Q]

The Universal Soldier movie franchise is back, and it looks like Andrei Arlovski has a decent role in it. Not a starring role like in 2009’s Universal Soldier Regeneration, but a decent looking part none the less. Here’s hoping he gets more screentime than, say, Randy Couture in the Expendables – he deserves it after his badass performance in the last film. He was the main baddie in that one, and he spent a large portion of the film caving people’s brains in with his bare hands.

Also unfortunately missing from this film is Mike Pyle, who had a surprisingly large part in Regeneration. It looks like they replaced him with Scott Adkins, who’s got a pretty extensive C-list action movie resume. It’s going to be hard for this movie to live up to the expectations set by the last one. I was expecting Regeneration to be a giant steaming pile of entertaining shit and it ended up being one of the best action movies I’d seen in years.