Holy shit. Anderson Silva wants to move up to heavyweight and fight Frank Mir! That’s the news Josh Gross is sharing this morning, which comes completely out of left field but excites me to no end. Hey, is it stupid for a guy to move up two weight classes and compete against heavyweights at a time where the average contender is 250+ pounds? Yes! And that’s why I love it. Anderson wants a challenge, and he wants big paydays. He’ll get both at heavyweight, and he’ll probably get put on his back and played like a bongo to boot. But however it turns out, it will be glorious.

And unlike the Roy Jones Jr fight, the UFC seems a’ight with this plan going down. It doesn’t just potentially make them several giant piles of money, but it also cures a whole bunch of headaches – it opens the middleweight division back up, it keeps Silva from picking off contenders at 205, and it sets up a whole bunch of big money challenges for Silva.

Obviously until we hear confirmation from Dana’s lips, we shouldn’t think this is a sure thing. But the UFC did just shake up their heavyweight plans like an etch-a-sketch yesterday, and I think this might be the reason why.