Miracle of miracles! According to his holiness Dave Meltzer, the UFC is actively trying to put together Andy vs Bones for November:

Nothing was said as far as when or where the match will take place. There is an idea floating around to try and put on the biggest show in company history at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas this fall. Several things would have to fall into place for this to happen, the key being Anderson Silva retaining the middleweight title against Chris Weidman, and not being banged up in the process. In addition, Jon Jones would have to be recovered from his own toe injury, and UFC would have to work out a deal to get the two of them to fight. Each has his own reasons, but neither has exactly clamored to fight the other. Having all those things fall into place makes this very much a longshot of actually happening.

Well at least we know the UFC is still attempting in some way to put together these superfights. Every time Dana White would come out and say he’s never actually spoken to GSP or Jon Jones about fighting Anderson Silva I wanted to punch a baby in the face. Sure, I always kinda wanna punch a baby in the face but this made it almost irresistable.

These superfights don’t just magically happen on their own. They require a ton of propositioning and massaging and the promise of major major money. One of these guys is going home with a loss on their records and considering the egos involved, I don’t think either of them is all that eager to risk it. Fortunately, the UFC can offer each 10 million reasons to step in the cage and make it happen.

Plus Dana could always start throwing people under the bus, calling whoever doesn’t want the fight a pussy and relegating them to #2 P4P status by merit of cowardice. Hey, whatever’s gotta be done. We laugh at Mayweather / Pacquiao and how stupid boxing was to fuck that up. Well, Anderson Silva ain’t gonna stay on top forever and Jon Jones is probably headed to heavyweight sooner or later. Now is the time. If it doesn’t happen, we’ve only got ourselves to blame. I’m doing my part: bitching about this stupid ass situation every chance I get. Are you??

(pic via Nixson Sysanga)