Seemingly intending to put himself on par with a pot calling a kettle black or Joe Son calling anyone a psycho, Anderson “Disrespectful piece of shit” Silva—whose new, previously unrebuked nickname was given to him by his last opponent, Chris Weidman, after he knocked Silva out for disrespecting him—has accused boxer Floyd Mayweather of having no respect himself:

Boxers have the great story. I respect for boxing. Floyd Mayweather? I don’t know this guy. Is he Papa Smurf? Mayweather is good boxing. This is my opinion. The guy no respect me. I respect all the guys in the world. Mayweather is a part of this story in the world. I’m part of the sport in the world. Mayweather need to respect this, but this guy no respect nothing. Sorry, but I no respect Mayweather.

Besides the fact that Silva has been disrespectfully toying with his opponents for years and only recently been taken to task for it (due to a minor miscalculation, of course), the most interesting takeaway from this quote is Anderson’s visionary free association between Papa Smurf and Mayweather. How did we not notice the close resemblance between the two before? Evidently, the former champion’s respect is surpassed only by his Jedi reasoning skills.

I would suggest that Anderson get a few wins under his belt before telling us whom he no respect, but I’m also not pretending that he’d listen based on his past track record. After all, just before Anderson was knocked out by Weidman, he was described as “not a respectful guy” by Renzo Gracie, which is really something when you consider that despite his Mickey Mouseyness, Renzo has had a few moments of his own. The difference is that Renzo has always had an underlying modicum of respect but did things in the heat of the moment, whereas with Anderson, I’m not so sure that he has that underlying respect for his opponents.