Superfights seem to be on the horizon again. Whether they’re a mirage or not is hard to say, but here’s Anderson Silva specifically talking about fighting Georges St Pierre and Jon Jones:

“I really wanted this fight (with GSP) to happen, he’s a guy that plays by the rules, doesn’t take too many risks. That fight may happen, or maybe not. He said he doesn’t want it, I don’t know. I’ll train and remain focused to fight (Weidman) on Dec. 28.”

“He’s like that (Ayrton) Senna’s rival. They used to compete at the same time and one of them was technical and the other played by the rules. (GSP) is the UFC’s Alain Prost,” Silva added, comparing himself to Brazilian racing driver Senna, who won three Formula One world championships.

As for a potential showdown with light heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones, Silva had this to say:

“I hope it happens, That’s the fight everybody is waiting for.”

At least with boxing, it was pretty easy to see who you had to blame for Pacquiao / Mayweather not happening. Sometimes it was the promoters, other times the fighters. There was more than enough blame to go around at all stages of the negotiation. But with these superfights, the most we as the public see is a little bit of hesitation from Georges and Jon. Which must turn into some pretty firm refusals once the conversation goes from journalist and athlete to athlete and billionaires who own the UFC.